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Thank you for coming to know who we are.

First off, we are a Californian company, born and raised in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to bring balance to technology and user health through the computer peripheral products we create. Particularly in Human Computer Interfacing area, we believe a general 10ft UI solution is the choice of the era to come, it will not only adapt to the mobile and cloud framework more efficiently, but also benefit billions of computer users in long-term health. Our award-winning, patent-granted core technology has great potential to revolutionize HCI in many verticals, including presenter, smarthome control, TV, gaming, AR/VR etc.

You may ask why.

Why Wolfee products are superior?

Via low energy Bluetooth and other wireless protocols, Wolfee products can remotely connect to computing devices, smart appliances and IoT devices, allowing users to take control anywhere in the room free of restraints. With full mouse functions combined with majority keyboard commands, users have unprecedented control of technologies to extend themselves beyond limits.

Wolfee products share a common trait: integration of multiple essential HCI elements such as mechanic, touch, motion, gesture and voice. These elements are combined intuitively, allowing users to accomplish complicated HCI tasks smoothly and producing fast precise responses.

Why Wolfee products are more comfortable?

Wolfee products adopt a minimalist design; the outer shell is streamlined and curved following ergonomic principles. Our intention is to allow our users to be able to operate Wolfee products intuitively; thus the design invites users’ fingers to naturally hold around operating buttons. This blind control feature provides users better experience while operating, be it presenting on stage or consuming contents at home.

Why now?

Since its birth in 2007, smartphones have profoundly revolutionized modern society, shaping lives for majority of human race. Smartphones have evolved in form and functions, popularity of bigger screens drives screen size to expand from original 3.5″ to 6″ and beyond. The underlying message is loud and clear: humans seek comfort and healthier UI while enjoying modern technologies. Staring at a palm-size screen and hunching simply does not satisfy.

As smartphones approaching the limit in size imperative for portability, a better solution to consuming technology without health jeopardy intrigues many technology visionaries and innovators. Wolfee products have cracked the code in offices and homes, enjoying what a smartphone offers on a high-resolution 70-in TV leisurely wherever.

In short, technologies are evolving to extend human races in every way. Just as “a light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence”, Wolfee products are tasked to create a healthy, comfortable HCI solution for generations to come.

At Wolfee, we believe our work is great, we love what we do; we are the ones crazy enough to think our work can change the world, for good.


Dr. Yinbo Li
Founder & CEO

Visionary leader, tech veteran, down-to-earth engineer, kind & smart team captain

Angela Ding
Co-founder & COO

Perpetual learner, passionate about getting smart things done

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